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[Console Games] Watch: Forspoken Speed Travel Takes 1 Second on PS5


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Next year will see the launch of many distinguished titles for the PS5, including the upcoming exclusive Forspoken game for the platform. By the way, fast travel within the game will only take 1 second on the device.




Square Enix's upcoming Forspoken game takes advantage of the SSD speed available in Sony's new console to support fast travel, especially during gameplay. Where you will need less than a second to move from one area to another in the vast world of Athena.

The real-time fast-travel feature isn't exclusive to the PS5 version. It works just as well on a PC, but takes about 1.9 seconds depending on DirectStorage and M.2 SSD.

Above, as you can see, is a simple example of how fast travel works in the game on the PlayStation 5. Perhaps this feature is the most prominent in the game as a full benefit from the capabilities of the current Sony device.

Luminous Productions has confirmed that players will be free to explore the world of Athena after the game's main story ends. Noting that the end game content is satisfying and includes dungeon earnings, sub-quests, and more.

The game's co-director Takeshi Terada spoke in a post via 3djuegos. He explained that the main story of the game can be completed within 30 or 40 hours of play, but besides the main tasks that the game will witness, there is a large content, whether from side missions or explorable dungeons, and even there is content after the end of the game and greater challenges, which would increase the life of the game. .

The game will be available on the twenty-fourth of next January for PlayStation 5 and PC.




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