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[Hardware] Chinese Woman Fakes Pregnancy With Prosthetic Belly, Tries To Evade Customs With Over 200 Intel Alder Lake CPUs


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In China, a news story is floating that a pregnant woman tried to evade customs with over 200 Intel CPUs attached to her fake prosthetic belly.

Chinese Woman Tries To Evade Customs With Fake Proesthetic 'Pregnant' Belly, Gets Caught With Over 200 Intel CPUs
Chinese customs authorities report that the woman named, Zhao, has been identified as a resident of Zhuhai, Guangdong in China. She came to Macau recently & was trying to enter back into China mainland through the Gongbei Port in Zhuhai. While at the port, the Chinese customs authorities noticed something was off about the woman and asked her for inspection.

The woman alleged that she was pregnant for 5-6 months but upon a closer look by the customs agents, it was identified that the woman had a fake prosthetic belly attached to her. However, the news agency reports that the size of her belly made it seem like she was in her third trimester and was walking comfortably.

After having the fake belly removed, the customs authorities found a total of 202 Intel CPUs and 9 mobile phones within the fake prosthetic. All of the components were held firmly by scotch tape and this takes tax evasion to the next level.

Reports confirm that the Intel CPUs that were recovered from the lady are all 12th Gen Intel Alder Lake CPUs and the mobile phones seem to be Apple's latest iPhones.

This isn't the first time Chinese customs have busted similar cases, earlier this year, an individual was caught with 160 Intel Alder Lake CPUs attached to his body. Given how close this new case sounds & feels to the older case, this might be a common tactic by customs evaders used in China. There have also been cases of several companies trying to evade taxes by shipping mislabeled graphics cards in the past too.




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