[Mobile Games] The Division Resurgence Gets Flashy CGI Trailer And Release Window


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The game is coming Fall 2023 and you can join a regional beta starting June 13.

At Ubisoft Forward, a release window and pre-rendered trailer for The Division Resurgence were revealed. You can also join a regional beta that starts June 13. The full game is set to release in Fall 2023.

The trailer shows an armed, but casually dressed, operative combating various enemies in a post-apocalyptic New York. This operative, and the friends he later teams up with, deploy drones, shields, and electric grenades to fight a variety of armored foes.


The Division Resurgence is an attempt to bring the franchise's open world and PvP/PvE modes to mobile. Ahead of the regional beta, the working build of the game has added new missions and side activities, day and night/weather cycles, more collectibles, and a new class: Field Medic.

The regional beta is split into two phases. The first starts on June 13 and ends on July 25. The second phase begins on August 8 and ends September 19. Player accounts and progression will be reset at the beginning of each phase. If you pre-register to play and live in Australia, Chile, Denmark, Finland, Netherland, Norway, Spain, or Sweden, you may be invited to participate. The beta will take up at least 8GB on your device.

Pre-registering can unlock a complete NYC firefighter outfit and a set of golden weapon skins. You can claim these rewards with the Ubisoft Connect account you used to register. An exact release date for the game is forthcoming.

link: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/the-division-resurgence-gets-flashy-cgi-trailer-and-release-window/1100-6515131/


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