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[Console Games] Apex Legends' Wintertide event is back with some very snazzy skins


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Snow is settling over the Outlands, which can mean only one thing: Winter has come to Apex Legends, and with it returns its seasonal Wintertide event from December 6 - 27.

Not only is it free to play, but Apex Legends is one of the best battle royale games there is. EA’s massively po[CENSORED]r co-op shooter sees you fighting your way through maps, using not only weapons but your character’s unique abilities to take out enemy teams, snag yourself a victory, and earn some juicy cosmetic rewards.

The Wintertide Collection offers a flashy array of 24 new cosmetics and skins that can be bought for either real cash or in-game currency if you’re looking to give your Legends a festive makeover, including a new Prestige skin as an incentive to collect all the other items. Finally, and most importantly, this season features the return of the limited capture-the-flag game mode, Winter Express. 

A frosty welcome 
In EA’s announcement(opens in new tab) of the event, it says the limited edition items pay homage “to the deadliest winter legends [...] designed to instill fear in whoever your prey may be.”


Fans of Legends Bangalore, Crypto, Newcastle, Valkyrie, Gibraltar, and Bloodhound should get excited, because these cool-as-ice items are yours for the taking. Well, purchasing. They can be purchased through the game for Apex Coins or Crafting Metals, or you can pick up a Wintertide Event Apex Pack instead. The Prestige skin this season is for Wraith, called the Apex Voidshifter, and you’ll only be awarded it for unlocking all other 24 items.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to kit out your other Legends, you can opt for one of the sales packs via the in-game store for some limited-edition cosmetic deals. The Synthetic Huntress pack, for example, will only cost you 2,500 Apex Coins during the first week of Wintertide.

As for the event itself, Winter Express is set to make a grand return. The three-team capture the flag mode will have you chasing down and attempting to board the mysterious train before your opponents do, traversing an icy landscape that glitters all things Christmas as you strive to earn points that all feed into your event progress for the season

The event Reward Tracker will help you keep an eye on your efforts. You can earn up to 1,600 points daily, with the challenges refreshing every morning to keep you on your toes and grinding for success. 

Although there isn’t much variance from past years of Wintertide in terms of the limited Winter Express game mode, all 24 cosmetic items are brand new to Apex Legends. They likely won’t be sticking around for Wintertide 2023, so be sure to load in between December 6 - 27 if you don’t want to miss out.

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link: https://www.techradar.com/news/apex-legends-wintertide-event-is-back-with-some-very-snazzy-skins

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