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[Sports] The inconsolable cry of Uruguay: a cruel end for an unrepeatable generation


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Sitting on the bench, Luis Suárez hid his head under his shirt to be able to cry all that grief that was drowning him inside. The darkness had just engulfed them by surprise. Especially to him, icon of an unrepeatable generation. South Korea's comeback against Portugal invalidated everything that had happened at the Al Janoub Stadium. The two goals from De Arrascaeta (0-2), the inexhaustible nerve of Suárez or the last score from Cavani. A sad melody accompanied them to the gallows. Ghana was stung by elimination, but nowhere near as Uruguay, who thought they were safe when the grim reaper came to visit. It was a tragic last dance for a sky-blue group, that of Lucho, Godín, Cavani, Muslera or Martín Cáceres, which is already in the past. The inconsolable applause of his fans sealed it.

A couple of hours before, every two meters, Diego Forlán had to interrupt his path. Through the guts of the Al Janoub stadium, everyone recognized him. Everyone wanted a phrase, a photo, or simply to shake his hand. He was heading towards the stands to witness a match that, 12 years ago, he had already experienced. He was part of the implication (he scored the only Uruguayan goal and did not forgive in the penalty shootout) of the wound that Ghana had had open since that night at Soccer City in Johannesburg, during the quarterfinals of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Time has passed. elapsed, as usual, at full speed. But the stoppage of Luis Suárez, last night drinking the last sips of his World Cup, kept floating on the certain of Al-Wrakah. Hence the booing of the African fans before starting the duel. They did not forget.

Because life can change in a breath. You can do it to the rhythm of the Ghanaian brass band, whose trumpets adorned the night (cold due to the air conditioning) at Al Janoub, as if it were actually a July 7th in the Pamplona bullring. Indefatigable with their rhythm, they believed they saw their team again in the round of 16, as in 2006 and 2010. Much more so when the VAR called the referee to review a demolition in the area of the goalkeeper Sergio Rochet to Kudus who had past unnoticed. The matter ended in a penalty, despite the fact that Luis Suárez's eyes almost came out of their sockets. But the shot from André Ayew, another of the survivors of that famous night at Soccer City, ended up entangled in the arms of the Uruguayan goalkeeper.

Ghaneses y uruguayos se lamentan al final del partido.
It is often said that the World Cup waits for no one. And Uruguay, forced and demanded, with the abyss just a span away, decidedly launched in search of him. Six minutes of inspiration and two blows from Giorgian de Arrascaeta, a guy who found his way in Brazil, were enough to drown out the noise. In both scrubs in the African area was Luis Suárez, the light blue captain, who was decisive for his partner, opportunistic as he always was, to find calm. Diego Alonso, the Uruguayan coach, did not have the slightest problem in giving himself up to the sprint for his band, despite the suit and shoes. The occasion well deserved it. For more than an hour, Uruguay was classified.


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