[Mobile Games] Farlight 84 confirms new Battle Royale map, addition of chat feature, and more


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Farlight 84, the futuristic technology-based action battle royale, has revealed a range of thrilling updates and features planned for the coming months. Among the standout features are an expansive new Battle Royale map, the introduction of a chat feature for players, and the ability to adjust the Field of View (FOV) settings coming to Farlight 84 soon.



Farlight 84 upcoming additions overview
In the 3rd edition of Devs Q&A, the development team answered the commonly asked queries from the community. Here’s an overview of what has been discussed and what’s coming.

A new Battle Royale Map in the v15.2 update
One of the talking points has been the announcement of a new Battle Royale map coming to Farlight 84 that is currently under development. Set to be released in the upcoming v15.2 update by the end of January next year, this new map aims to introduce fresh gameplay experiences in the Farlight 84 universe.


However, there is nothing revealed yet. The name or terrain the map will be based on is still unknown, so it is expected that we see something different from what we currently have. However, once the release date of the version is approaching, the possibility of getting info via leaks is more likely.

Chat feature
To improve communication and address microphone-related issues, the team is actively working on implementing a chat option within the game. This highly requested feature is expected to be released by the end of September, allowing players to communicate more effectively while playing the game.

Field of View (FOV) adjustment
Another highly anticipated addition is the Field of View (FOV) adjustment functionality, which will be introduced in version 15.1, expected to be released by the end of October. This feature will enable players to customize the display range according to their preferences. The developers have added that adjusting the FOV involves decoupling the camera from various in-game functionalities, so it will be requiring careful adjustments and testing before implementation.

Codashop availability


The developers are also actively working on expanding the availability of Codashop, a popular payment option for in-game purchases with the integration process taking time. The team aims to make Codashop available in all supported regions within the next 1-2 months.

Other additions and fixes planned
In response to player requests, the next update, version 14.4, scheduled for release in July, will introduce a sensitivity acceleration switch. This feature will allow players to choose between fixed sensitivity or sensitivity with acceleration, catering to individual preferences. In addition, there have been mentions of optimization concerns, a weekly gold acquisition limit of 8,000 Gold through matchmaking, and compatibility issues.


The team has notified the players that this will be worked on and released in future updates. Farlight recently added a new Deathmap match which was pretty cool, so the expectations for the next update are higher.




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