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[News] A "principled" decision.. The Iranian Public Prosecutor announces the suspension of the work of the morality police


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Iranian Public Prosecutor Mohammad Jaafar Montazeri announced the abolition of the "morality police" in principle by the relevant authorities, as reported by the Iranian Student News Agency (ISNA) today, Sunday.


A pro-government cleric hugs a policeman during a rally against the recent protest gatherings in Iran, after the Friday prayer ceremony in Tehran


Montazeri said on Saturday evening in the Iranian city of Qom that it was the authorities that established the morality police system that had taken a decision to stop its work at this stage.

He stressed that Parliament and the Supreme Council of the Revolution are discussing the issue of the headscarf and will announce the results within two weeks.

He explained that there are efforts being made to find a studied solution, and to deal with the phenomenon of not caring for the veil, which annoyed everyone, as he put it.

During a religious conference, the Public Prosecutor was responding to a question he asked about the reason for "closing the morality police".

The morality police, known locally as "Kesht Arshad" (i.e. the Guidance Patrols), were established during the reign of the conservative former Iranian President Mohammad Ahmadinejad in order to "spread the culture of decent dress and the veil", and it includes men wearing green uniforms and women wearing chadors, and this unit began its first periodicals in 2006.




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