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[Politics] Washington Post article: Killer robots are a bad idea to take out criminals


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The Washington Post published an opinion article on the "killer robots" that the US authorities allowed to be used in the city of San Francisco.

In the article, columnist Alexandra Petri described killer bots as a bad idea. This came two days after the Board of Supervisors of San Francisco, California, approved the police's use - in certain situations - of remote-controlled robots to pursue and kill suspects if they threatened the life of a citizen or security personnel, and there was no other option to confront them.




She believed that "killer" robots are not only a good idea, but also a very bad idea, believing that robots should not be a means of killing.

The article criticized the city authorities for approving the use of "robots" in the pursuit of suspects, and the author said that there is no need - sometimes - to give people what they want, "especially if what they want is killer robots."

And the author continued - in her article - indicating that she loves robots that do not kill, and that she is happy to see a robot that sweeps, or that it is a companion for the elderly.

We may find in the imagination that such robots provide great services to people, but even with this view - in the opinion of the columnist - we can see all the "killer" robots doing bad things.

Science fiction is full of stories about robots, and people get excited about them when they don't end up killing people, according to the article, whose author concludes that the police shouldn't be killing people.

And Amnesty International had stated in a previous statement that "killer" robots are no longer the subject of science fiction only, "From aircraft that operate with artificial intelligence, to automatic cannons that can accurately choose their targets, technological progress in the field of weapons far exceeds international law."




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