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[Software] Foxfm program


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FoxFm is one of the most famous and popular applications in the field of video downloading, you can use it completely free of charge in order to download videos from other video streaming platforms including Dailymotion or even through cloud services such as OneDrive etc. But if you are wondering how to use it It is very intuitive and simple as you just need to play the video in the background and copy the URL from the browser bar and paste it into the app for the video to download directly without any delay.


برنامج Foxfm



Among the advanced features included in the application is the feature of sharing files between social media platforms, and it is worth mentioning that it supports the MP4 format, which is the most important thing to ensure that the video is downloaded in high quality in terms of sound and image.

The only downside is that the app only works on iPhones running iOS 12 or later, if all that wasn't enough for you then let me tell you that with the FoxFm app you will be able to convert video into audio clips to use as ringtones or the like, so In most cases, you may not need to download third-party software for this video editing only if you want to convert videos to audio clips.




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