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[NEWS] Washington does not expect a major offensive in Ukraine during the winter


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The United States estimated on Sunday that the current pace of fighting in Ukraine, which has slowed sharply, will continue in the coming months. According to the director of American intelligence, both the Ukrainians and the Russians would keep their forces to launch new offensives in the spring. Follow the latest developments live.

 8:45 a.m .: OPEC + meeting on the eve of new European sanctions
The 13 oil-producing countries of OPEC+ find themselves, on Sunday, December 4, in a tense context marked by the fall in oil prices and the entry into force of new sanctions against Russia.

This videoconference meeting is being held on the eve of the start of the European Union's embargo on imports of Russian crude, which must be accompanied by a price cap.

OPEC+ must decide their next oil production target, with an impact on the global energy crisis.

7:30 a.m.: Back to the Russian propaganda imposed in the occupied territories
France 24 broadcast a major report on the propaganda of the Russian authorities in the occupied Ukrainian territories, where the populations were subjected for several months to a regime of terror. Click on the video below to watch it:

“We are already seeing some slowdown in the conflict and we expect that to continue in the coming months,” April Haines explained at the annual Reagan National Defense forum.

According to her, both the Ukrainians and the Russians should seek to prepare for a new counter-offensive after the winter, by renewing their equipment and restocking.

"We are quite skeptical about how ready the Russians will be. I am more optimistic for the Ukrainians."


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