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[Sports] It was designed in the colors and flags of the participating countries.. The Qatari uniform is one of the fans' icons in the World Cup stadiums


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The World Cup fans found happiness and a different and unique experience in the Qatari outfit, "the dress, the ghutra, and the headband".

The official Qatari uniform, which is available in the market in the colors of the shirts and flags of the teams participating in the World Cup, gave an aesthetic touch to the different fans, and was widely spread in various regions of the capital, Doha, and the stands of the eight stadiums.




World Cup Qatar fans of different nationalities wearing a dress, a veil and a headband in the colors of their country's flag caught the attention of cameras during the matches, and it was documented on social media on a large scale, and it made colorful pictures surmounted by joy and happiness among everyone in the streets and stands.

The official Qatari dress consists of the thawb, which is the traditional Arab robe, and the ghutra, which is a white cloth made of cotton folded in the form of a triangle and placed on the head.

innovative idea
The owner of a shop in Souq Waqif, Hussein Ahmed, explains that making the official Qatari uniform in the colors of the flags of the world teams participating in the World Cup is an innovative and unprecedented idea that is added to the pioneering ideas that were applied in the Qatar World Cup and its stadiums.

Ahmed says to Al-Jazeera Net that the main goal of this idea is to introduce the World Cup fans to Arab culture, welcome them and rapprochement with them in a positive way, as well as achieving sales in light of the presence of this huge number of visitors during the World Cup period.

He adds that the fans of the various teams participating in the World Cup came to buy the traditional Qatari uniforms with the flags and shirts of their countries, and some preferred to buy the white Qatari uniform.

Two Dutchmen keen on acquiring the Qatari uniform with the flag of their country (Al-Jazeera)
most popular
Latin American fans were the most eager to buy the uniforms that bear the flags of their countries, especially the fans of the Argentine and Brazilian national teams, who showed great interaction about how to wear the ghutra and fix it on the head, according to Ahmed.

The prices of the uniforms bearing the flags and shirts of the teams participating in the World Cup ranged from 100 to 200 Qatari riyals (27.4-54.8 US dollars), depending on the quality, which made the majority of fans in Doha increasingly want to buy it.




The Qatari uniform in the colors of the national teams adds an aesthetic touch to the stands (Al-Jazeera)
A number of World Cup fans expressed to Al Jazeera Net their admiration for the traditional Qatari dress, and were keen to acquire and wear it in the streets and stadiums of the World Cup, and to take memorial photos with it in various regions of Doha, especially Souq Waqif, the most famous tourist area.

Dutch fan Taylor Clarsen expressed his happiness at wearing the Qatari dress, ghutra and headband, in light of the availability of flags and shirts of his country, stressing his keenness to buy some Qatari traditional clothes, as well as heritage holdings as a souvenir from the World Cup.

While the other Dutch fan, Robert Nobier, who was keen to wear the Qatari uniform in the colors of his country's shirts, praised the World Cup atmosphere, Arab culture and the welcome he found in Qatar, he pointed out that he learned some Arabic words and repeated some of them, including "Thank you" and "Peace be upon you".




The traditional Qatari dress appears in the colors of the Argentine flag (Al-Jazeera)
Beautiful habits
As for the Argentine fan, Martino Rodriguez, who was keen on acquiring the Qatari uniform as well, he expressed his happiness with the experience of attending the World Cup in Qatar, and getting acquainted with the Qatari and Arab culture, whether at the level of clothing, food and other beautiful customs.




While Brazilian fan Sandro Martinelli considered his presence in the World Cup in Qatar an opportunity to learn about the culture of the Arab region, as he had not visited Qatar or the region before, and expressed his admiration for the Qatari clothes, which he described as distinctive, as he feels very comfortable when wearing them.

The traditional Qatari uniform spread throughout Doha with all the colors and shirts of the teams participating in the World Cup was very popular in the markets among the fans of the World Cup, some wore it to support their teams, others in order to attract attention in the stadiums and make the cameras focus on them, and a third section they liked and were keen to take pictures for the memory .





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