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[News] Don't miss the chance to try Far Cry 6 for free now on all platforms.


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Ubisoft has announced that Far Cry 6 is now available for free trial on home devices and PC.

You can start downloading the trial version now on the PlayStation X, Box, and PC, where you will be forced to download the game completely. While you will be able to transfer your progress to the full version if you decide to purchase it from the digital store.


تجربة لعبة Far Cry 6 مجاناً


Also, in the meantime, Far Cry 6 is available at a discounted price on most digital and physical stores. Therefore, if you like the game and want to purchase the full version, you can get it at a reduced price.

The game is available at a price of only $ 19.79 instead of $ 60 via the PlayStation Store, as it includes the version for the current generation and the last generation. This means that you will get a discount of up to 67% of its original value.

In Far Cry 6, you as a player will control the hero and revolutionary fighter Dani Rojas and this character. And you can make him male or female, as your main goal was to escape from the hell of Yara, but you will suddenly find yourself leading an armed revolution with all available capabilities against the rule of the dictator Castillo.

The strange thing, and I did not like it very much, is that your conversations in the cinematic clips or during the game, whether you choose the male Danny character or the female Danny character, are the same, and there is no fabrication mentioned based on what we saw, and the other characters also address you with the same phrases and sentences.

Far Cry 6 contains unconventional weapons, which are equipped with tools available in the game world, and your friends will develop them for you. There will also be a special place or workshop in many separate places on the island, and it gives you the ability to develop and modify the main and secondary weapons and the super weapon, Supremo, as a reminder, it bears the name Resolver Workbench, in addition to that there is an arsenal of modifications, items and costumes that you can activate.




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