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[Console Games] Metal Gear Solid Remake is in development exclusively for PS5 - rumour


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Rumors of Metal Gear Solid Remake under development for the PS5 may have begun to multiply, as it was recently indicated that the third part is already under development for the new Sony device, but now rumors are talking about the return of the first part as well.


Metal Gear Solid Remake PS5


These rumors came through the Spanish site AreaJugones, where it obtained information indicating that the original game is being developed for the PS5.

According to the same source, the game has been in development for several years, and as is the case with Demon's Souls, Metal Gear Solid Remake will be developed from scratch for the new Sony PS5 exclusively.

Also, according to the sources on which the aforementioned Spanish site relied, the game will be revealed very soon. Which prompted AreaJugones to quickly reveal the news in order to anticipate the official announcement, which appears to be already close.

The source could not confirm or deny whether the reveal of the game will take place during The Game Awards 2022 event, which will kick off next Thursday night.

Unfortunately, the source did not share any information that could reinforce this rumor, but we were previously on a date with many rumors about Konami reviving Silent Hill in cooperation with several parties. This has already been confirmed by the many announcements made by Konami recently.

It seems that Konami will now move to the next title, which is the Metal Gear Solid series, which has also been rumored throughout the past period.

Reliable sources said that Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake is already under development for the PlayStation 5, but now the rumors are moving to talk about the first part, which may create some kind of doubt about the validity of these rumors. But nothing is impossible after the large amount of Silent Hill games that we got recently.

The word “soon..” indicates that we will not wait for long, while the activities of the Video Game Awards event are only a few days away from it. And tomorrow we will see it soon..




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