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[Mobile Games] The Callisto Protocol contains an interesting hint of PUBG


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After a long wait, the bloody horror and survival game The Callisto Protocol was released, and it is now available on all major platforms, and in this news we will highlight that a player in her world found an exciting allusion to the game PUBG.


The Callisto Protocol


The announcement of the horror and science fiction game The Callisto Protocol, which is being developed by the Striking Distance studio owned by Krafton, maker of the famous battle royale game, it was supposed to work on it under the supervision of the famous developer Glan Scofield, maker of the horror game Dead Space, and it was supposed to be Initially a shooting game that takes place in the world of PUBG.

But after many variables, the decision was made to separate the game to have its own world. This coincided with the progress of the development plan and the beginning of the formation of the semi-final image of the game Callisto Protocol, and from here, many inside the studio began to see great difficulty in linking it with the world of PUBG.


The Callisto Protocol



But it seems that the horror game that was released recently wanted to excite some fans of the game PUBG, through a small hint, but it shows the link between the publisher and the developer together, as one of the players found the famous PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds helmet in the royal battle royale game as you see below. Where the game could have really become a part of its world.

The Callisto protocol


We remember that the director of the game Scofield, through an exclusive interview with Game Informer, said that at first they wanted to exploit the popularity and popularity of the Battle Royale game in order to ride the wave and publicize the new game. However, during the stages of development of the game that began to form and determine its direction, it was difficult to keep its connection to the world of the PUBG game.




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