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[Hardware] ICY DOCK Unveils Concept PCIe Gen5 M.2 & E1.S SSD Adapter Cards With Active-Cooling Tech


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ICY DOCK has unveiled their next-gen conceptual adapter cards that feature support for PCIe Gen5 M.2 & E1.S SSDs in an active-cooled design.

ICY DOCK Shows Off Its Next-Gen PCIe Gen5 M.2 & E1.S SSD Adapter Cards With Active-Cooling Tech
Both adapter cards that ICY DOCK has showcased are currently a concept only. The docks include the CP125 and the CP073. Starting off with the CP125, we have a standard FHFL expansion card & make use of a single-slot design. The card features a PCIe5 x8 interface and can support up to two E1.S SSDs.

The E1.S is the new ruler standard that was recently introduced and you can mount two of these within the SSD Mobile Rack that features a tool-less design & connects to the adapter with ease. The adapter features a 50mm blower fan that should keep both SSDs running cool. There's also an LED indicator on the I/O and two HDD LED ports that can be connected to the motherboard can showcase HDD activity through the front panel LEDs. Specs for the ICY DOCK CP125 Gen5 adapter card are listed below:



The second adapter on the concept panel is the ICY DOCK CP073-1 which features a similar design as the CP125 but instead of featuring E1.S SSDs, it supports two standard PCIe Gen5 M.2 SSDs. The SSDs are mounted through the sides of the shroud and once again, feature a tool-less design with support for up to 2280/2580 form factors. The design includes a 50mm blower fan with exhaust vents on the front and an aluminum heatsink which is the shroud itself. There are also LED indicators on the front.

Both ICY DOCK Gen5 SSD adapter cards come with up to 32 GB/s and require a single PCIe power input to boot. The company hasn't specified if its a 6-pin or an 8-pin connector is required for the card. There's no word on when these products will launch in the retail segment or if they will launch at all but these will definitely be interesting products for storage enthusiasts who are looking forward to the new PCIe Gen5 SSD standard which hits store shelves next year.




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